Review: The Noble Fugitive by Isabella Bunn and T. Davis Bunn

Another killer historical. LOVED it. Loved it a lot. An inspirational romance, but it was one of the strongest, most sincere books I’ve read this year. I didn’t realize it was a part of a series until the end and nothing made me happier than to find there was more to be read. And I’m in the middle of the sequel right now. And I will gladly read the earlier books, too.

Things I adored:

  • An accurate representation of what it’s like to dedicate yourself to your faith. Sometimes praying only makes things harder. Sometimes praying is impossible. Sometimes things don’t just get better because you know Christ. Sometimes peace comes when you don’t get your way.
  • The look at the slave trade. William Wilberforce, John Newton, et al. Wow.
  • The heroine.
  • The hero.
  • The side characters.
  • The setting
  • The storytelling — simple, streamlined, concise, full. Just good writing.

This was the only book this year that I’ve called someone for the sole purpose of telling them to read that particular book. Don’t make me diagram that last sentence.