Fakie by Tony Varrato

Summary: Nominated for the 2009 YALSA Quick Picks list, this short novel for reluctant readers has action, intrigue, and relatable teen characters.

At first glance, Alex Miller seems like a typical kid – typical hair, typical clothes, typical hobbies. But Alex's life is anything but typical – and fitting in has become a matter of life and death. The unfortunate witness to a crime, Alex can't forget the things he has seen, and neither can the man he helped put in jail. The Witness Relocation Program has changed the identities of Alex and his mother repeatedly, but they still need to keep running to stay one step ahead of his enemies. His latest identity as a skateboarder in Virginia Beach is no easy ride – nosegrabs, ollies, and kickflips are all new to him. Alex has to catch on quickly to blend in – but the biggest trick he'll have to master is staying alive. --Lobster Press

My thoughts: I can totally see how this would appeal to guys--especially guys who don't read for pleasure much. There are no big themes to examine, no long plotlines to tear apart--and it works well that way. As an avid reader, I found myself wanting a lot more for the story...but I think it did its job very well. Guys being guys, and the story itself is complete, with a satisfying ending. I'm interested to see how junior high and high school boys would receive this.