Secrets Unveiled by Sheshenna Pledger

The sins of the father shall not be visited upon the child. This is a basic tenet of American law that an individual will not be punished because a parent committed a crime. This does not apply in the world surrounding Samuel Harris and his family. This is something known all too well to the Miller family. The Millers' connection to Samuel Harris has been a long and bloody one. Nicholas Miller's father was murdered by members of the Harris clan. Now Nicholas is the prime target as he is the last Miller left, The Harris' never rest until their enemies no longer exist in any form. Along the way Nicholas will learn a secret of his past to which he must come to terms. If he doesn't then he will surely die.

This novel is remarkable in that it is told not only from the point of view of protagonist, but also from that of the antagonist. At first it was a bit disconcerting, but as the novel progressed it became welcome and necessary to the storyline. Ms Pledger has done this so well that it appears this novel has been written by two distinct personalities as there is no similarity between the two points of view.

"Secrets Unveiled" also reveals an understanding of the nature of man and the dynamics of social interaction. The ties that bind the Harris family together are not those of blood, but those of intense loyalty brought by fear and abuse and the fear of abuse that marks so many dysfunctional families and cults. This is shown through the power struggles that occur as the story evolves on a course of its own.

Read "Secrets Unveiled." Read it with eyes wide open and take in all it has to offer and be among the many who await the next installment in this series. Here is hoping the second part is as scintillating as the first. Review: John Helman, Allbooks Reviews.