Ghostgirl series by Tonya Hurley

Summary: Ever feel invisible? Charlotte Usher did. Teased by classmates, overlooked by teachers, beneath contempt of the popular and ignored by Damen, the guy of her dreams, she barely registered on the radar at Hawthorne High. The kind of girl no one would ever miss if she died tomorrow. And then she did...

The End?
Not exactly...

My Review:If you haven't read the first in this series, definitely read it first! Homecoming isn't a stand-alone sequel -- it really builds on the original book and does it really well.

Hurley's emo-snark and morbid sense of humor had me laughing out loud in every chapter, but it never goes pushes the death-joke envelope too far, which is a testament to the authors' skill. Her unique story is carried off beautifully, with great pacing that makes this a really fast, tasty read.

Add a gorgeous book design, complete with die-cut covers (pun totally intended!) and quotes from awesome bands, the Ghostgirl books just beg to be read. And you won't regret it, not at all!


Jill said...

I think I may have to pick up the first book. I've seen them at Barnes and Noble and thought about getting one. Thanks for your review.