Cool Creations by Sean Kenney

COOL CREATIONS is a perfect first LEGO book for young artists-in-the-making, and reviewers have recommended it as an ideal gift for kids.

Sean taps deep into his imagination with an exercise that will challenge readers of all ages. He illustrates how to build dozens of ‘cool’ figures—from menacing robots with names like Blurg and Scraps, to transforming trucks, to creatures that live in the rainforest—out of LEGO bricks, but uses no more than 35 pieces in each construct.

Sean has been building with LEGO bricks since he was a boy and left a lucrative career to become the first LEGO-certified professional. He currently has three touring exhibits and has built sculptures weighing up to 400 pounds that required tens of thousands of Lego bricks. But he gets just as much joy from creating the intricate-yet-simple designs in COOL CREATIONS IN 35 PIECES, and readers will too.

For more information on Sean and to see his sculptures, visit his website at