Review: Jamaica Inn by Daphne DuMaurier

Tightly-woven, extremely intelligent gothic suspense romance goodness, cover-to-cover. A strong female lead (not that I’d expect anything less from the Dame), engrossing males, and more twists than…um…Dwight Schrute’s brain!

But seriously, this might be the perfect gothic romance. Take your time and enjoy this one with a carefully-brewed cup of golden tip assam, like I did tonight.

As for the Hitchcock film version: WHATTHEFRICK? Only the first ten or so pages (and that’s a liberal estimate) of the book are even referenced. Don’t worry, the only thing the film version spoils only the audience’s expectations for the book.

This is running pretty steadily against My Cousin Rachel, by the by. They’re very different, but Jamaica Inn has a higher re-readabilty level.

Jamaica Inn is on my top ten novel list. Easy.