Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling

Don’t worry, I read this at the same time as about 20% of the world’s population read it. But since I’ve read all the others at least twice, I thought I’d give HBP another go, too.


Order of the Phoenix remains my favorite, and Prisoner of Azkaban my second favorite (probably because of all the Maurader-y goodness, yum all over young Sirius, y’knowwhatImean?), but wow. This is the one that gets better as it goes along. And there’s that one spot, that one particular spot where we watch Harry turn into a man.

Le. Sigh.

I could prattle about this one for hours. And now, thank you sooo much, Jo, I’m stuck waiting until whenever you’re done with your manuscript.

I have to know what happens.