Ralphina the Roly-Poly by Claudia Chandler

Press: Some books for children are so charming and magnificently illustrated that they are a pleasure for every reader regardless of their age. These are the books that will be treasured beyond childhood. Ralphina, the Roly-Poly is this type of book.

Written to appeal to preschoolers and early readers, the author introduces young children
to the hidden world of a tiny insect. Ralphina, the Roly-Poly is sad because she gets
lonely in her garden and wants a friend to play with. But she is so small that nobody
seems to notice her. With her mommy's encouragement, Ralphina digs up a clever
solution to her loneliness and in the process learns that she has a lot to offer in friendship.

Children will love to hear this fascinating story of friendship and will delight in the
vividly colorful illustrations. Fun facts about roly-polies and rainbows are included to
provide an educational and entertaining opportunity for children, parents, and educators.

A perfect tale that will be a bedtime favorite, Ralphina, the Roly-Poly is a story that
children will want to hear again and again, and one that adults will be happy to read and

About the book:
Ralphina, the Roly-Poly by Claudia Chandler
ISBN: 978-1585974627
Publisher: Leather Pub
Date of publish: Jan 30, 2008
Pages: 32
S.R.P.: $21.95