Rich is a Religion by Mark Stevens

Rich is a Religion , by best-selling author Mark Stevens, is a book every American should read!

WHY? Americans need to START treating money as a religion and:

- Get off the earn-it, spend-it treadmill.

- Live a degree below their means.

- Live up to the Buffets, Gates and Hiltons-not the Joneses.

- Stop spending for external gratification.

- Understand the most important money is that which others cannot see.

- Learn to be thrifty.

- Invest in appreciating assets-not toys!

Have YOU said NO to your kids (or yourself) lately? Saving for a rainy day has gone the

way of dial phones-and money does not grow on trees. Today is the day to start saying

NO to your family's wants (not needs).

Wise money management is a philosophy-a mindset. Rich is a Religion: Breaking the

Timeless Code to Wealth, examines the wealthy, the famous (and not so famous, and

happy to be that way), and how they use money as an instrument of independence,

confidence, stability and enduring value. Author Mark Stevens shows how those who

embrace the " 'religion' of the rich" (how they think/use money) can weather any

economic downturn because it is NOT what you earn in life, but what you keep.

Today's parents are not teaching children about money, and now have to learn along with

them about the reality of being behind in payments, job loss, no savings, etc.

Readers of this book will learn how to be thrifty, exercise discipline, control fiduciary

responsibility, to buy appreciable assets, not toys, and much more. Mark says, "The

secret to building and maintaining wealth is by changing your philosophy. Learn how to

live like the rich do-one degree below your means."

Now that's a message we all need to hear and live by starting today.