Review: The Twilight Series (1-3) by Stephenie Meyer

You know all the hype surrounding these books? It's well worth it. I mean, sure, there's quite a bit of wish fulfillment going on, and some definite weaknesses, but I loved reading these. My favorite? New Moon.

New Moon was the best surprise of the year. I enjoyed Twilight well enough, but Mrs. Meyer showed she could tell a compelling story even when she took the hero more or less out of it. This was a great read, and even though Bella was doing TSTL-heroine things, I never once disconnected. I remember being a teenager and shutting down for lengths of time–not so much as Bella did, but close enough. Anyway, wow, these really hooked me. Several of us are planning to go to the local B&N release "Engagement Party", and have a read-in the day after! I love books!